The CEO’s personal brand: when the cover is more important than the book

Who is more important to the success of a company — the CEO or the line worker? Business publications argue that in today’s world, the most essential member of the company is the customer service employee.

Let’s agree that without quality human resources, a company cannot operate. But without C-level executives, it will quickly go bankrupt. A Harvard Business School study found that the influence of CEOs on a company’s success ranges from 2 to 22 percent, depending on the industry. You have to agree that’s a lot.

While one can argue about the importance of the CEO in the B2C sector, in the B2B sector a company cannot exist without a competent CEO. The CEO is the person who is responsible for the strategy of the company, which brings in the mainstream of funds.

Fall in love with your product

Good clothes open doors. It’s a saying that’s really not just about style, which is definitely important, but about first impressions in general. People tend to trust companies with a real face. Confidence and persistence are the main qualities of a good CEO.

Imagine a CEO coming to a meeting with a potential client in crumpled clothes, behaving insecurely and reacting aggressively to the client’s every whim; he will not be able to sell him the product. Conversely, a neat appearance, sparkling eyes when talking about the product, and friendly behavior can convince even someone who was doubtful.

Watch your speech

These days, it’s easy to get an unpleasant label for just a few extra words you say to the wrong person. Watch your speech — in a public space, you should try to speak a little and to the point. Avoid harsh value judgements and try to get a feel for what topics you can speak to the event audience about. Remember that you are presenting your company; every word will be equated with its policy.

Become Steve Jobs

It’s been a long time, but still, people associate Apple with Jobs, not Cook. Think about it, what’s so special about CEOs of top companies? The answer is simple — they set the trends. Be the one who leads people — share the right values, and get your team and others involved in self-development activities. Be true to your goals and values, both online and offline, and you will soon be the reason people buy from you and not your competitors.

Write in the comments, do you agree with us?

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Discover the ingredients for our magical communications recipe for startups, crypto and blockchain, fintech, and IT projects in this blog

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